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Episode 7: Daddy, Come Home and Sing Me a Song

In this episode, our host Mark sits with a once-famous musician who's faced tremendous strife. In this conversation filled with music, he talks taking action to make things right and get beyond his wrongs. Though we keep all guests anonymous, this guest has performed nationwide and will be on the music scene for years to come.

Episode 8: An Entrepreneur’s Wife

In this episode, our host Mark sits down with Dottie and discusses her whirlwind romance with her husband, his entrepreneurial spirit, and the many years they spent together in LOVE.

Episode 9: Donald Trump The Father, The President, and MS-13 gangs

When Jose left his native El Salvador 30 years ago and crossed the border illegally, he felt welcome. He was not one to leave his children behind, but many others did. He blames Ronald Reagan for what happened next in his native El Salvador and the rest of South America. Our host Mark discusses family, immigration, and crime native to all of South America, and why Jose feels like it is Reagan's fault.

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Episode 10: The Seed and Motivation of Lovappy

In this episode, our host Mark discusses the mother of invention... necessity. So why would anyone spend their last days writing 2 gigs worth of code with a unique dating app? Find out and take a listen.

Episode 11: Minorities and Marijuana, The Hood

Roz McCarthy sits down with Mark Nejmeh founder of Lovappy to discuss the effects on the family and the minority community as they get deeper involved with the Cannabis industry. #501c3 #family #unwed #youngmen #hero #goodfeelings Hard questions are asked of founder Roz McCarthy regarding her move to make sure the minority community is included #inclusion #diversity. Minorities and Marijuana have long gone together yet not in the legal sense. Now that Cannabis is becoming legal in many States and around the world should the prior participants be included even if they have prior arrests? #expungement These are the hard questions and might be the only fair way to proceed. Again the government gets into the illegal business by passing laws to grab the tax.

Episode 12: Jacob Wheeler Art - Great Athlete, Great Man with Courage

In this episode, our host Mark Nejmeh sits down with Jacob Wheeler. Nothing is more difficult than talking about mental illness and other health problems. The greatest people you can ever meet are people that admit their weakness and open up and talk about themselves to help other people. Jacob Wheeler is a great athlete and brother of Zach Wheeler, NY Mets pitcher. A discussion about self-destruction, baseball, basketball, Cannabis and side effects regarding heart conditions, the Cannabis research situation.


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Podcasts <1-6