The Living Room Podcast

Episode 1

Hello Newsweed Readers! Welcome to Episode 1 of The Living Room Podcast. On this episode I talk to my roommate and friend Jared about the concept of Boredom. What is the significance of being bored? Why do we get bored? And most importantly how do we stop being bored?

Episode 2

Hello Newsweed! Welcome to episode 2 of The Living Room Podcast. This episode is about music. I invite my internet friend Logan to talk about how we got into music, how we listen to music and what music means to us.

Episode 3

This episode I talk to my long time friend Josh about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and how it effected our childhood and our day to day lives as adults. We explore such topics as medication, behavior and depression.



Episode 4

On Episode 4 I talk to my friend Ian about Stress. The role of stress in our lives, how to deal with stress, and what it means to be stressed.